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Custom XL Timbuk2 classic msngr
This bag has only been used a couple of times. It was a custom design. It's just really too big for my back. It was over $200 new. Has extra middle divider pocket only available on custom bags. It's a gorgeous bag! It would be great if you have a lot to carry like....groceries? A sleeping bag... It will easily carry 2 6-packs of beer! It has a bunch of pockets. I also can include the shoulder strap pad not seen in the photos. (3 pics on craigslist)[/size]

On Lansing, MI craigslist right now. I Accept Paypal. email for address.

New ones that aren't custom are going for $70 online.
I'm asking $50.00 (local pick up)
or $60 (shipped)
Nice accessory bag you got there. If I needed it I would definitely grab it.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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