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Crankset Question
hi sir,
A- My crankset have notes (170 - 32 - 9/16X20F) ((170 - 31 - 9/16X20F) (170 - 93 - 9/16X20) ). I don't know what are the mean "32" "31" "93" and letter "F".

B- if I use crankset (170 - 93 - 9/16X20) ), will I chose available bottom bracket? please help me!
see it by link
Assuming that you are still talking about a Campagnolo crankset; best is to talk to a dealer.

Most likely, if you go with the BB that is in the same group set as your cranks, you'll be fine.
thanks your reply, because I am not experience for group campagnolo, if I buy a BB and it's not mount with my crank then I can't to change it (because I am living in VietNam)
this is my crankset but I don't known is it Campagnolo crankset? if I mount Campagnolo record Bottom bracket 70X102 (my frame shell = 70) will they work?
click here to see it, please
thanks your reply

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