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Linear pull brakes? Newb question
My husband wants to give my son his old bike. He said it needs new brakes and to go to the manufacturer's website to get them. The manufacturer, Roadmaster, has shut down their website and I don't know where to begin to look for their brakes.
This is a Walmart bike. My son prefers to ride my bike but I would like him to finish out this season on something a little rugged and cheaper. Next year we can try to budget $ to get a "real" bike. In the meantime, what can I do? What is normal for replacing brakes from these types of bikes?
Just about any bike shop (or online shop) will have brakes that will fit this bike. But you do need to make sure to get the right kind. If they are "linear pull" or "v-brakes", these are widely available and usually universal.

But does the bike need a whole new brake system or just brake "pads" (The rubber part that rubs on the wheel)? Maybe if you post some pictures we can help more. But someone who knows what they're doing needs to take a look at the bike. Sending you off to buy a random part isn't going to work well most likely. What you need should be easy to get, but you've got to know "what" to get.

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