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Replacing Broken Shifter
I had a minor spill this morning and one of my shifters snapped off. I guess it's time to replace them but I don't know how this works. Do I need to hunt around and find an exact match? Or can I find a equivalent model?

The shifters are Shimano ST-EF29-8. Thanks in advance for any advice!
It looks like these are 8 speed shifters. If so, any shimano 8 speed will work.

If the brake and shift levers are all one piece, you may have to buy the whole thing. You might try local bike shops first though. Sometimes they will have spare shifter modules lying around and can sell just the shifter pod.

If it's the left side, just about any shimano shifter made for mtn should work I would think.
Thanks Dave,

I ordered a new set of shifters through my local bike shop. They helped me pick a proper match. Just have to install them now.

Thanks again!
Don't know if this would be of help, but I was on Shamano's website a couple days and looked that up for you or whoever Smile . Here is the link (PDF).

By the way nice shifters Smile
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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