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Chain Wear at 0.75
My CC-3 Park Tools Chain Wear Tool is slipping through the links at the 0.75 wear point.
Do I need to change the chain now or can I push it out further, say to the 1.0 wear mark or are these tools measuring conservatively?
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Look, not to be rude, but replace your chain, mate. I know that money is tight for ALL of us (believe me I know, I'm a bike tech) but it's a LOT more economical to replace a $15 or $20 dollar chain than it is to have to replace the rear cassette and possibly the chain rings of your cranks as well. If you let chain wear get too far along (100% for example) the troughs or gaps of each tooth of each sprocket of the rear cassette will get 'stretched' as well (worn down). At that point, you HAVE to replace the cassette when you replace the chain. That's because the spacing of the rollers on a new chain and the spacing of the gaps between the teeth of a worn out cassette won't be the same. A new chain will 'skip' on a worn cassette. Apologies for the tirade. Get a new chain. Keep it clean.


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