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Is this bike computer any good?
I am looking into getting a bike computer to do everything this one does or close to it and was just wondering if anyone could throw down and vouch for it or point me in a new direction this is the one in question LCD Bicycle Bike Computer Odometer Speedometer 558 just let me know what you think any advice is appreciated and leave me an idea of what is better ok im up for options ok thanks
Just about any bike computer will do the job with no problems. It really depends on what features you want and are willing to pay for. If you want a basic computer with basic readouts (speed, mileage, elapsed time and odometer) just pick the one you like. For a basic computer, I personally like the Sigma BC509. It has everything you need with a large readout for around $20.00 USD. I would, however, try and stay away from the really cheap, non-brand name computers that you will find on the Internet as getting any warranty support may be difficult, if not impossible to obtain.
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Johns recommendation of Sigma is a good one! I also like CatEye (fave brand) and Bontrager stuff. You'll have to visit a Trek dealer for the Bonty stuff, though.
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