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Fixed Gear Chain
Looking for some input from others, rather than just mine. I have to get a new chain for my fixie and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for some bomb-proof chains. By the way my fixie set-up is 3/32". Thanks for the help!
KMC Z50 Bicycle Chain (7-Speed, 1/2 x 3/32-Inch, 116L, Dark Silver/Brown) seemed fine, except it was very noisy going through a Shimano RD2200 8 speed rear derailleur, so I switched to a SRAM PC 830 P-Link Bicycle Chain (8-Speed, Grey) on my SR. My commuter has a Shimano CN-HG70 6/7/8-Speed with more than 1000 miles of commuting.

My next chains will be the SRAM PC 830 because of the p-link, which make installation and removal very easy.
I have a Connex 10s1 chain with 1000 miles on my road bike. Yes, the chain was not cheap ($110), but my SRAM chains were at their wear points around 1500-2000 miles. For $60, I expected more.

I check my chain for wear every month. And last month, I was just able to insert my Park CC-2 chain wear into the Connex chain after 1000 miles. Otherwise, the chain was too tight for the tool.

Search the forum for "Connex". Someone had a post a long time ago where they listed some third party survey of chain wear which I used as a basis for my current chain.

Most chains for a fixie ( I take it you mean fixed gear ) are fine. They must not be overtensioned 1/4 inch flex is fine. Go to a fixie website and buy a decent one as the BMX purple/yellow/pink etc ones are cheap and crap. Dont cut it too short as you might want to go up with the fixed gear from say a 14 to a 17. I lube my chain after every ride as they really do hard graft.

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