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Cracked chainring on a beater
Hi I just bought an old commuter (2000 marin kentfield). The middle chain ring is beat up, cracked like this in three places:

[Image: 2zzq15g.jpg]

I test rode it, the chain doesn't slip off, and the teeth seems to stay in place. How long can I ride this before it breaks, do you think? I dont have the tools to fix it, and having a repair shop do it in Toronto would mean I might as well buy a new one. When I do get my hands on a crankpull I will attempt a repair... in the meantime, I'm going to clean it up, lube and ride. Just wonder how far I can go?
I would say you won't ride very far once it finally breaks and when it does you might have a bad crash. Is there a free community bike group in Toronto that might have the tools you need to pull it and replace? They might even have a good enough replacement crank.
I understand there's a coop 5 miles from me ( I've never used it and from what I read they're usually packed in the short time they're open. I'm going to drop by there once we're clear of spring snow. I've never seen a chainring ripped up like this. will it make the 5 mile ride? lol

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