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How to remove rear wheel and replace freewheel cassette?
OK, so something recently happened with my sisters bicycle during a ride. I don't know what she was doing, but now the freewheel/cassette just spins independently from the wheel; you can also jiggle the cassette around just using your hand. I suspect a broken freewheel/tooth.

I just have a few simple questions.
1. How should I go about removing the rear wheel? It doesn't have a quick-release. Every single tutorial I've found online only shows bikes that have a quick-release.
2. Is this something I can replace myself without a bunch of specialized tools? I'm pretty mechanically inclined.
3. How do I know which freewheel replacement to buy? There are so many different kinds.

Thanks so much, I could really use your assistance.

Also, the bike is basically your run of the mill multi-speed Schwinn bike. (Or at least I think it's a Schwinn, not 100% sure on that.)
Ye no quick release huh. The two nuts on either side of the axle loosen(counterclockwise) and the wheel is removed. A basic wrench will do it. Like an adjustable crescent wrench or a solid one.

As per the gear cluster its either a freewheel or cassette not both. If you can post photo it would help ID it. As a hail Mary pass you can try flushing it with a cleaner and if it starts working lubricate it with some oil. Whatever you got on hand .

OR replace it not expensive. For this special tools will be needed.

Ye in this digital age soon no one will know what clockwise means. :-)))
Never Give Up!!!

Now that I've done more research on it, I am getting the feeling that it actually more likely the freehub body that is totaled, not the freewheel. I looked up a few guides, and it looks rather involved. I'll try to get a picture then.

Even better than a picture, here's a short video.

I'll have to see how much our local bike shop would charge for a repair. I hope it's not too pricey. How much do most shops charge for this type of repair? More than $50?
It is not a cassette.

Does this bike have a Shimano Front Freewheel System (FFS) ? Please provide pictures (not video) of the whole bike from several angles, with close ups of the cranks from the right side.

IF it has the FFS; then things are more difficult.
You claim to be "Mechanically Inclined", yet cant manage to remove the wheel because it doesnt have a quick release? Oh boy...better head to the bike shop, I wouldn't recommend you take anything apart on that bike. Or, maybe its time to buy a new bike. Itll cost like 1-2 hundred more for a new bike than to fix that old one. Decide what its worth.
I don't appreciate your comments. I can easily take it apart, but I sought advice from other more experienced people to re-affirm that I was going about it the correct way. I would rather do my research beforehand to make sure that there are no unforeseen problems, so that I can be prepared what I'm in for. I'd hate to get it off, apart, find the broken part, and find out I don't have the correct tools needed.

In the end, it was the freehub body that needed to be replaced. And I didn't have the tools needed to replace that anyway.

@The previous replies, thank you for your advice!
Take a look here. He even shows a shop made tool to remove those common freewheels, good if this is a one time repair.

Much can be done with don't always need a big bag of expensive tools!!

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