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Changing levers when upgrading calibers
I was going to upgrade my stock v brakes with a set of Avid SD7 v brakes. Will my old levers work with these or do i need the sd7 levers too?

What make and model are your existing brakes?
As long as the Avids are the same length from pivot to cable attachment then your existing levers should be O.K.
Depending on your existing brakes - are you sure the Avids are an "upgrade"?

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The ones on now are tektro (i dont know the model #) which are the original ones that came with the bike. Its a beginner bike Trek 4300 specifically . I was trying to upgrade the weaker points of it such as tires, brakes.

Tektros are generally good brakes.
I have just "upgraded" one of my road bikes from Tektro to Shimano Tiagra and I must say I'm dissapointed with them. The Tiagras flex which the Tektros don't.
If it's performance your after then I would service the Tektros (strip, clean and lube the pivots. Fit new pads, if required, and make sure they are lined up correctly with the rims.
Check the rims are are clean and not worn as well.
By all means fit the Avids, but in the end it will be down to how much flex and the setting up.
If you can lock the back wheel up or do "stoppies" on the front then you can't ask more than that.

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I was having a prob with the right side spring. It seems like whenever i depress the lever the left side goes in and comes back, but the right side goes in and stays and rubs on the rim. Its the side the cable clamp is on if that makes any difference. Ive read on other posts that the spring itself could be broken.

Yes the spring could be broken but very it's easy to check.
Unhook the cable and the "arm" should lean out and you then can see the spring?
Compare it with one of the other arms to see if it's the same.
You can remove the screw from the pivot point and clean the bearing etc and then re-assemble to test.
Not sure if you have a choice of holes that the spring end goes in but if there is then check against the other brakes.
There are small screws on each arm that is for adjusting the pressure on the return spring and is used to balance each opposing arm.

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