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Replacemenet for a 5 speed cruiser frame
I have an old Huffy 5 speed. The frame has rust due to being left outside for months. I am considering painting it but would like to consider a replacement. Could someone tell me if a one speed cruiser frame will accept my rear wheel? Thanks in advance.
maybe it will, maybe it won't.

You need to measure the O.L.D.(Over-Locknut-Dimension) on both.
if they are the same, no problem. My experience is if they are off by less than 5mm, will be okay for most steel frames. For aluminum frames, needs to be much closer.

Next issue; a single speed uses a wider chain, and often the front sprocket on a single speed will not work with a chain that will work with a derailluer.
Thanks, I plan to use everything from the Huffy. Crank, Chain and all. The Huffy has a old style crank so it should fit. TM.

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