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Dura Ace 12-27 on MTB wheels
My cross-country bike (07 Trek Top Fuel) came with Bontrager xlight rim brake wheels and a 11-27 (12-27?) Dura Ace 9 speed cassette. I want to save those wheels for racing and get some used ones to beat up on training rides. I'd like to put the same cassette on the spare wheels to avoid derailleur issues. I'm just wondering what to look for to make sure the hub will take a Dura Ace 9 sp cassette since it's typically a road cassette. I'm looking at buying use Rolf Satellite. Don't know anything about the hub. Will the cassette fit? How about a rear mavic 223 rim with Shimano M-525 hub?
Any other hub issues I should worry about to make sure I can easily swap the wheels?

Not 100% positive, but I believe you should be able to use any wheel made for 9 or 10 speed shimano except the 10 speed hubs that have an aluminum freehub body meant for Dura Ace.
Are you planning to switch the cassette back and forth? I woudl think it'd be better to get a lower end cassette for general riding and leave the nice one for racing. But either way. There shouldn't be any functional difference between road and mtn cassettes, except Dura Ace 10 speed.
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