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Full upgrade questions
I have a Scott MTB from i believe 2007 with v-brakes, it was a basic model. It's been skipping gears, not going into gears, making strange noises for some time now, so i've been looking into buying a new bike or upgrading.

I can get my hands on a full Shimano Deore kit which includes:

BL-M595 Hydraulic brake lever
SL-M590 Shift lever
FD-M590 Front Derailleur
RD-M592 Rear Derailleur
FC-M590 Crank, 22-32-44T, 175mm
BR-M595 Disc brake Caliper
BH59 Hydraulic tube
HG-73 Chain (112)
HB-M595 hubs 32H
CS-HG50-9 Cassette (11-32/34T)
SM-RT62 Disc centerlock (160mm)

I can get this for £300/$500 or alternatively i can get a new scott bike with lower specification parts for £450/$700.

Would these parts fit onto my bike do i need to worry about different sizes?

Is it worth upgrading?

How easy is it to perform a full upgrade because i would be looking to it myself if it's easy enough.

If your bike does not currently have disc brakes, fitting disc brakes may be difficult and very expensive.

To solve the skipping gears issue; it may just require a simple derailleur adjustment.

At most to solve the skipping gears issue; it would take a new rear derailleur, new cable, new cassette and new chain.

Worth upgrading - no.

Cables, cassettes and chains are wear items like tires.

Rear derailleurs are not expensive.

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