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Hi I am new to this site so please excuse if this question has already been discussed. i am wanting to upgrade my stem shifters to a thumb shifter or downtube shifter if possible not wanting to spend alot of money doing this any suggestions will be appreciated. thanks Adam
Search the forums for similar questions and also for a feeling what kind of information you should provide. In my opinion the difference between stem and downtube shifters is only superficial. You might be able to move the mounting bracket of your current shifters to the downtube or get a pair of shifters at the bay. Yust make sure you can use them (if indexed look at # of positions). I do not consider this an upgrade in any way. The rest really depends on what you have and what you want and how much you are willing to spend, which I cannot tell as my crystal ball is currently away for being polished.
Downtube shifters are as Joe said, not an upgrade with all the shifters available now for road and mountain bikes. I use dura ace down shifters solely as a specific want for retro road bikes that I build. I have a picture in this forum on a cinelli frame built up with down shifters. Take a long look at what is available from Shimano...........there is a great choice. Handlebar shifters are easier to use and are well designed.
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i guess i should have been more specific.... i am in the process of upgrading restoring a schwinn le tour 3 that was given to me.... i do not have the cash to buy a new bike and i am willing to invest about 300 in what im doing given that i have up graded crank pedals handle bars and having the frame powder coated. i would love to have brake/shifter combo but trying to find something in my price range is difficult also the old stem shifters are horrible i am always hitting my knees on them. so i was figuring down tube shifters being a better deal for me.
Might be, if you are used to changing with them. Does the frame have braze ons for the downshifters? If so, it might be okay. There are clamp on ones, but might have to hunt for them or check out eBay. Best of luck.
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i would need the clamp on ones i found some on ebay but in Australia shippings a little high! I also checked out your fixie and cinelli VERY nice job on them! thanks for your input.
Hi adam,
Here is a few on ..... .
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thanks bill! i went ahead purchased one now whats going to happen i am going to come up on a deal for brake/shifters. it seems that usally what happens. i want to thank everyone for their input and help. it was very usefull. when i get the bike back together i will snap a pic and post it.

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