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Sturmey S2C cone adjustment
Hi All,
I just got a Sturmey Archer 2 speed "kickback" hub. I love the concept and everything about it, except that it's very rough. When in low gear I get all kinds of pops and clicks, and sometimes it'll jump momentarily into high gear and back to low on every revolution... very hard to ride. The coaster brake is weak too, but that's doesn't really bother me (even with all my 185 lbs on the brake it gradually slows to a stop). I've read that people have eliminated noises and shifting problems by adjusting the cones. Can some of you experts coach me on how to do this?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
take a look at the "How to Overhaul Wheel Bearings" video.
If this is a new bike/hub, talk to your supplier or whoever fitted it before attempting DIY as this may invalidate the warranty.
Also see SA site here;

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