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Front Chain Ring Guard/Cover/Shield?
I have an old Specialized Mountain Bike. 7 speed cassette, 3 front chain rings, the largest is 42Tooth, just under 7" across.
I have thrashed my inner ankles so badly from previous injuries that scrapes from the front chainring are excruciatingly annoying & painful.
Any ideas about a cheap way to put some kind of guard on it?

Seems to have 4 un-threaded holes
[Image: DSC00915.jpg]

Would a guard mount to where the chain ring mounts or use those outer holes?
[Image: DSC00916.jpg]

A close up of the outer holes.
[Image: DSC00917.jpg]

I know this seems like a lame question, and I know most people toss the guards (like I used to), but I could use your help. The bike is a daily commuter, never in the dirt. Thanks
your LBS should have something like this, it fits in the dust cap thread in the centre of the crank arm;
Thank you.
I found this, it looks like it might be better suited to a road bike:
[Image: 31A1MJZmIrL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

And this one, same as the one in your photo, but in the USA.
[Image: 31ZdE5QLooL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]
I'll see if I can get one at a local shop & check fit. They look a bit "cheesey", but it's better than lacerating my legs. Thanks trevgbb.

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