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Have I damaged Hydraulic brakes?

I just got a new bike and as i was setting it up i pulled on the brake and heard a click and the break handle went loose. I also noticed oil was leaking from the hose at the point where it connects to the reservoir on the handlebar.

Have i damaged the brake or does it just need bled?

The brakes are Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes.

PS. Im a bit of a noob at this so please excuse if this is a trivial matter.
Sounds like you blew a hose seal or hose connector. I don't have hydraulic brakes on my bicycle, but had something like that happen to my motorcycle front brake and had to replace the hose. I'm sure someone on the blog has a better idea. If you can post pictures, it might help.

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Check connection at the lever to see if its screwed in tight first. Otherwise
its a new bike take it back to seller.
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