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Replacement chainring?

Having trouble trying to find a replacement chainring for my bike. It's just the middle ring that's worn so trying to replace only that.

It's a shimano SG chainring, 36 teeth, 5 bolts with a BCD of 110mm. On an 8spd bike.

Been to a local bike shop and they got me a 36 tooth, 5 bolt 110 BCD. But it didn't work as it was thinner and the chainring bolts stuck out somewhat and got in the way of the chain.

I normally get stuff off Chain Reaction Cycles (I'm based in the UK) - - But couldn't see anything that might match?!

Any help, much appreciated.
Use the thinner chainring, and some shims to position it so that the teeth are centered between the inner and outer teeth.
(05-23-2012, 11:46 AM)Bikefactory1 Wrote:  Use the SL chain, it's light and strong, and most importantly available of various colors. And the SL stands for Super Light and that is exactly 1/2' x 1/8' chain.

1/8" wide chains do NOT work with derailleur equipped bicycles - they need 3/32" wide chains (nominal) and the chain "speed" much match the rear derailleur "speed". For example a 7 speed chain, with an 8 speed rear derailleur, will result in lots of noise and rough pedaling.

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