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Help building a Fixie
I've been working on building a bike into a fixed gear and need some help choosing the right stuff.

It needs a bottom bracket and crankset at least. I got a used rear wheel that someone made into a fixed from a freehub with a 17t cog that I think is 3/32.

I've looked online a bit and have come across Eighthinch, and Shimano among others for cranksets. Any thoughts on these brands? Should I look for BB's before cranksets?

Your crankset will specify a BB length; so you need to chose your crankset first - or get a package deal.

Regarding 3/32 vs 1/8 on a single - a cog for 3/32 will work with 1/8 chain, but not always the other way around.
Thanks for the tip. As the existing cog is used, how do I identify the wear condition of the teeth?

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