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Retrofit a new chain ring
I have a recumbent bike with a Durabi crankset 32/43/52 TX 165mm. I would like to be able to ride up hills a little more easily. Is it possible to replace the 32 with a 27? How difficult is this and what other considerations are involved in changing this chain ring?

Firstly you need to know the "BCD" (bolt circle diameter) of the crankset.
The BCD can also be measured from the centre of the crankpin to the centre of a mounting bolt x 2 = diameter.
Probably the smallest chainring that will fit yours is 30T. A 27T may have the mounting holes nearer the centre.
You would have to change the whole crankset if this is the case or optionally put a bigger cassette at the back.?
If you do decide to fit a new crankset then also consider longer (170/172/175mm) cranks.
This will give you a bit extra torque but will depend on your leg length etc.

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