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Hello all,

I need help adjusting my bike headset. It's loose at the bottom nut. It shakes back and forth. How do I go about fixing it? What tools do I need?

The top of the headset opens with a 5.5mm allen key. I was able to open the top but I don't know what to do from there.

You have a threaded headset. To overhaul (while you're at it you can remove the gunk and add new grease) look at:

Actually, all cup and cone bearings work this way. Once you know how to set up the play of a hub or headset or old style bottom bracket (though those are a real pain, imnsho (in my not so humble opinion)) you can do all of them. Basically you have to adjust the lower of the two nuts so that the steerer turns smoothly but has no play and lock it with the top one (basically tighten the to nut all the way against the bottom one without moving the bottom one to hold both in place).
There's another Website for you:

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