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Relieve chain tension on one speed.
My wife won a Fat Tire Ale Crusier which came unassembled. I've assembled many bikes but when I went to remove the rear wheel to adjust the fender I was stumped. The slots for the rear wheel come from the back and the chain is very tight. It seems like the only way to remove the wheel would be to use a link removal tool and take off the chain but that can't be right. What am I missing?
I found a really big picture here:

Is there enough slack in the chain to allow you to de-rail it at the chain ring?

Try pushing the chain at the bottom slightly down and inward, just behind the chainring at the front, while turning the crank backwards so that it misses the teeth and comes off. Other than that, I can't see how you would do it without breaking the chain.

Also, look for a split link; it may be that the chain has a split link or quick link that allows you to break the chain without a chain rivet tool. See here:

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