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Too much force on pedals makes it skip and not move wheel
Thanks everyone for the replies.
I paid about 100 euros for the bike... maybe I paid more than it was worth. The stem of the bike was really bent when I got it too, making one side of the handlebar higher than the other. I don't know how it could have gotten like that, maybe a car crash?

Do you guys think it would be better for me to just get another bicycle? Or just use the wheels and frame of this bike (maybe other parts like brakes) and replace the drivetrain?
It takes a lot to bend a stem. Are you sure it wasn't the bars that were bent? I'd also check the fork and frame for bends/damage.
Deciding what to do depends a little on what else is available in your area. But I'd check around for other used bikes before I started buying parts for this one. Unfortunately I think you may have gotten more of a project than you expected. It wouldn't be hard to spend another 100 replacing the drive train and stem (plus whatever else may it need.)

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