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Chain wont stay in Gear 1
When climbing using Front Gear 2 all my rear gears engage except Gear 1. Each time I try to engage this gear the chain slips back to Gear 2. This is a pian when climbing as it means I have to engage Front Gear 1 sooner. Any advice how to rectify this problem would be most helpful.
There are limit screws on the back derailler, one called a high limit screw and one called a low limit screw. These prevent the derailler from making the chain go between the gear and the spokes (thats the high limit screw) and letting the chain jump off the smallest gear on to the axle (thats the low limit screw). I can not tell you which one it is without seeing a picture of the rear derailler. Now 1/4 turn to the left should correct the problem. However make sure your cables, derailler, and chain are in good condition first.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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