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Integrated Headset vs. Internal Headset
I have seen the integrated headsets and was wandering what anyone or everyone thought of them? Are they better then the other headsets? I think not with a good article from Chris King....
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I think Chris King have a point about integrated headsets where the bearing race sits directly in the frame, there is the posibility for the bearing to move and deform the bearing seat in the head tube over time, eventually rendering the frame useless.

Later, low stack and semi integrated designs are better; there is still a bearing cup, but it sits completely inside the head tube rather than outside.

Beyond that, I think it's down to the quality of the bearings themselve. I don't like the lose ball, or caged ball types, they generally seem to be poorly sealed and wear quickly. The type with the sealed ACB (angular contact bearings) races seem to last longer.

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