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Remove lower shifter on a DCL
Hi guys,
I have a Shimano Deore DCL. As I have gotten used to doing it the "DCL way" - shifting up/down using only one lever, I want to remove the lower paddle shifter.
Problem is: I can't seem to find the right tool on my multi-tool to be able to remove this? What would I be needing to remove it?

Are you able to upload a photo showing exactly what you are trying to remove? I'm personally not familiar with the DCL system, and I can't find much on the Google Smile

Is the DCL where the up and down levers are solid to each other?
So they are like a "Y" and have a common pivot point.
I used to do the same on my original Shimano shifter.
My LX one has seperate levers for up & down.

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