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Refilling Front Suspension (Forks) Fluid? Trax Outrage
Dear All,
Hello! First newb post from me! I have a Trax Outrage for my sins, and am recommissioning it after a year lay-off. On depressing the front fork suspension a little 'grey matter' (fluid) seeped out. The rubber seals on the top of the forks haven't lasted well, and I am sure let water in. Seepage seemed to be from bottom of forks though? Anyway, turned the bike upside down to work on other areas, and fluid gushed out. Think it was a mixture of oil and water as when I cleared it off the path Tongue it seemed not to leave too much of a stain. How and with what do I replace this fluid? Any help really appreciated. I know it's a cheap bike but I'm very fond of it. And thanks for site and welcome. Smile
not really enough info, like the brand and model of said fork. i would venture to guess it has been left out in the rain and what you are seeing is water that has built up in side and is now seeping out as i doubt the fork is oil dampened .
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interesting.. many thanks for the feedback. it's dark now, and to be honest, I'm not sure the forks are 'specifically branded' per se, but I will check tomorrow for sure. Yes, Gaiters was the word I should have used, and I think they were guilty of letting water in. This is good news in many ways (the fact that you doubt the fork is oil dampened). Impossible to tell from my lack of description, but what options are there - if not oil dampened, then sprung? It feels a little knarly when depressed, but I think that's corrosion of the chrome in the (for want of a better term) telescopic element of the suspension.
Brief google search shows this bike as sold in UK . Are you in UK? Per the cms124 forks they seem to be manufacturers brand. Most likely they have plastic compound plugs inside for compression and rebound. Elestamer inserts or something like that. Water got in. Turn upside down leave overnight to drain.
You can than spray some water dispersant like wd40 let that flow down than turn upside down and drain again.
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