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Twist shifter with brake levers...
I'm curious to the placement of the brake lever on the left side when using a twist shifter, assuming there is a brake lever on the left side.

As seen in the link below, there is the hand grip, shifter and brake lever.

Would it be it be just a hand grip and lever on the other side? Or is there something that would mimic the shifter? I can only guess that the placement of the levers would be feel awkwardly different if that wasn't the case.

Thanks for any clarity!
Most bikes have two shifters and the left side would just be the mirror image of what's in your picture. On bikes with only one shifter, the left side would probably have a full length grip (matching the width of the grip & shifter on the right) and then the brake. The diameter might be a bit smaller without the shifter, but the alignment would be the same. Rare to only have one brake lever, but there are bikes this way. In that case the left would just have a full grip or grip/shifter.
Thanks for the reply. The reason I ask is that I was thinking about the 3 speed Twist Shifter by Sturmey Archer.

I was hoping to have a part that resembled the actual shifter that would attach to the left side. It would serve no purpose beyond cosmetic and to ensure proper alignment. I believe I've seen this solution but I can't place where.

I think the different lengths of the grips would throw me off a bit. I think I need symmetry, especially for hand grips.

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