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Is this freehub compatible with a HG cassette?
Hi all,
Been a while but finished exams for the time being so I've been building up a bike since my commuter snapped.

Could someone tell me if the following item is compatible with the Shimano Hyperglide 9 speed cassettes?

In case that link doesnt work, the only information I know is that the hub is Shimano FH-RM. What does the RM stand for?

Thank you in advance
The place for Shimano technical documents....

You should be able to find what you need there.
There seem to be a bunch of FH-RMxx (where xx can be 30, 60, whatever)... in general it is safe to assume that you could transplant a new freehub body to most Shimano freehubs, so that you could make the 9speed work. Other than that, google is your friend, as are the shimano techdocs and also
Unfortunately I can't get that link to work.
I know that my hub is 9 speed compatible but I was wondering if anyone knew if a Hyperglide cassette is any different? Thinking about it, it probably isn't since its the machined teeth which make it HG. Can anyone confirm this?
How can anyone but the seller answer the question? If it's a 7 speed hub, no, otherwise yes.
(02-08-2013, 12:43 AM)1FJEF Wrote:  How can anyone but the seller answer the question? If it's a 7 speed hub, no, otherwise yes.

Ha true, though rather unresponsive... Sad

Thanks all

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