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07 carrera fury chain replacement
Hi everyone

I was riding home a few nights ago and the chain for my black 2007 Carrera fury snapped and fell off. I was riding through grass at the time and couldn't find the chain. I even went back with a metal detector and still cant find it! Anyways, which chain should I buy as a replacement? It would seem that the obvious thing to do would be to take it to Halfords but although the guys there are really nice, its taken them three tries to set the gears for me (and they are still slipping) as well as other things. So I think it's time to give an independent a go. I not much of a biker but I love that bike!


(that's not my actual bike, by the way. I wish it was that clean)
Count the number of gears in the back. If you have 7, you need a "7 speed chain", etc. I like SRAM chains, but there are various good ones out there. Note that you may need to change out your rear cassette as well, especially if the "slipping" you were getting was when you put a lot of force on the pedals. Mixing new chain/old cassette or vice versa often doesn't play well.
Thanks for the reply, it makes sense to get a new cassette. But which make do I buy....?

Thanks in advance
sram are decent
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nice...thank for your help

take care

Is the bike a 3 x 7 speed or more? As previously stated, that dictates what you look for.
A new rear cassette is super cheap in 7 speed, more expensive 8 & above. Chains aren't too expensive either.
If you don't have access to a cassette tool & a chain tool it might be cheaper to have a shop do the work.
If you have friends that ride one of them will have them.
Shimano & SRAM cassettes are pretty cheap here. I've used a number of 7 speed Shimano lately, I might try something else as I haven't been overly impressed, but I suppose I get what I pay for, the last one was $20 US.

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