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For those who ride in Missouri
I came across this on the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation web site

Submitted by Brent Hugh on Wed, 02/13/2013 - 11:30pm

Unfortunately, we weren't kidding--the bicycle ban is back. No bicycles

A representative from High Hill, Missouri, is circulating a draft bill to ban bicycles on any state road within two miles of a state-owned path or trail.

There is a lot more on this here;

and here is a PDF of the proposed bill
Have fun and just enjoy the ride
Hi Fred;

I am not a MO resident, but Diane and I have enjoyed riding our tandem in MO. If this passed, it would be very bad for MO. I have posted the information on my FB page:

and sent e-mails to The MO Division of Tourism ( and
True, if it does pass other states may pass bills to
Have fun and just enjoy the ride

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