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Topping up brakes with different brand mineral oils
Is it possible to top up / bleed Tektro Auriga hydraulic brakes using Shimano mineral oil? I have heard that I need to use Tektro Auriga mineral oil this true or complete nonsense?

I would not mix brands of fluid, If unsure what is in there replace. if brakes have warranty use the recommended. if topping off use whats in already or do a full bleed. with full bleed you may try another brand and it may end up with a different feel that you may like better. not all brands have the same viscosity
some use this
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Hi mate and thanks for your reply.

I think I will go for the full bleed option then, just ordered the shimano oil (1ltr)

both my brakes have gone real spongy, the lever pulls all the way to the handlebars and barley stops the bike...mega death trap at the mo!!!

thanks again :-)

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