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Fixing up an old steel frame bike
I had this old steel framed bike for over 20 years. It is a standard steel frame, it was originally bought as a 10 speed mountain bike. Its true value is in the memories of riding it through high school, university, my first job and going for rides when I was dating my wife. I passed it on to my younger brother when I was leaving to go away with my family to work away from home. He did not take very good care of it. I was sorting out some stuff at my parents home recently and came across my faithful frame.
I would like to rebuild it. I can handle myself with the repairs, and I basically have enough tools to fix it up.
Where I need advice it where to get decent alloy parts at reasonable prices online. and what are good parts to buy. it has treaded head set and bottom bracket. I would like to set it up as a single speed bike. very simple maybe a bullhorn handle bar I will have to sand and spray the frame, because it has quite a bit of rust.
I suggest reading the tech articles on this site and than on Sheldons site. they also sell parts and have great info re single speed conversions. Takes a bit of looking. Good Luck.

I am not sure just what you have a complete bicycle or just the frame?

If its complete first clean it up than clean and grease all bearings, wheels, head, bottom bracket. Best to replace bearings, usually 3/16 and 1/4", get them from local bicycle store. Marine grade waterproof grease is preferred
Never Give Up!!!
I also use
Have fun and just enjoy the ride
most of my parts come from Amazon and Niagara (thru Amazon)

Thanks for the information it really shed some light on my task ahead. I have the bike frame and fork only. So I am practically starting from scratch, but assembling is not a challenge. My concerns are for example the parts required for the conversion and what I need to consider when building. The chain alignment was something was over looking. The links you suggested were helpful.

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