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Headset bolt will not tighten - Schwinn Traveler
Hey there,

I'm trying to raise the handlebars on an old ladies Schwinn Traveler. I loosened the bolt to raise the handlebars, and once the handlebars are at the desired height the bolt will not tighten down anymore. I've been searching threads on here and learned there is a nut in the frame that I'm assuming I'm not catching anymore. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can raise the handlebars and still be able to tighten the bolt down? Or how to catch that nut so I can tighten the bolt? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I will upload some pictures when I get home later.

Lower the stem and turn the bolt till you re engage the expender nut. than pull the bars to desired height and tighten.

If you cannot re engage it take the stem out fish out the expender loosely re attach to stem bolt put stem back in set height and tighten.
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