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Deore XT parallel link v-brake
I'm about to replace my old v-brake with an higher quality Shimano Deore XT parallel link. i wanna know what's your opinion about these brakes. I saw a tutorial here about how to adjust v-brake. Can I use the same method to fit parallel link?

The concept with these brakes is exactly the same as in the video. Most importantly you'll want the pads flat against the rim.

you say "flat against the rim". Do these not require any "toe-in" ?

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It does sound strange, but v -brakes are meant to run flat against the rim.
Because of this, they sometimes make noise when you use them. If that happens you can try roughing up the pad surface, or give them some toe-in if you really have to.

Are these brakes any better compared with the classic ones?

I personally prefer the classic cantilever style because I have more control, but v-brakes have more stopping power (leverage).


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