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Broken sprocket on rear wheel

I was riding my bike and this sprocket broke.



It is threaded on the inside, and attaches here on the rear wheel.


What is this part, and could I buy a replacement online???
it looks like a pretty standard threaded track/fixie cog, go to ebay and search for 14 tooth track cog or fixie cog.
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Looks like this one:

but I could be wrong.....
I ordered that exact part wondering if it would work. That eases my mind a little. Thanks you you two!
Looks to me more like it was the outer cog on a freewheel. That is definitely not a track/fixed gear hub and it looks like the inner body of a freewheel still on it.

If the threading on a track cog is the same, it should work. (I have no idea if it is or not.) But if it's different, I think you want a new freewheel or just the outer cog if you could find one.

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