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Suitable Sachs Huret front derailleur replacement

I Got given an old Peugeot Premiere racing bike by my next door neighbour at the end of last year, I think it is around '84 vintage, it has a pearlescent white frame with blue stickers, it's quite a retro bike and they seem to go for reasonable money on ebay.

The front derailleur is a Sachs Huret and the internal face that pushes the chain away from the down tube has worn through the plating and is rusting badly.

I was thinking of trying to find something new old stock to bung on it, something Shimano would be good, there are lots on ebay with prices starting from £1 so hopefully a cheap bargain can be had.

What I would like to ask is are front derailleurs much the same regards the tube size they fit, also does it have to be a 2 Cog one, I assume you just tune out the adjustment with the 2 little screws?

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tube clamp size is the most important, next but not always an issue is seat tube angle compatibility
sometimes you can get away using a triple derailluer for road but not a road for a triple
so I recommend finding the one you can afford and go with the road/double
and you should be fine
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Pete; it sounds like you are planning on keeping it period correct, and looking for a mid '80s FD - I would suggest a Suntour or Campy over a Shimano.

Another choice, if you are other wise happy with the Huret, it to disassemble it, and get the cage hard electro-less nickel plated, 25 to 35 microns thick. With a quality plating job, you will not have to worry about the nickel wearing through.
Cheers Guys.

Your right Nigel, I'd like to keep it as original as I possibly can regarding the looks of the bike, I don't mind upgrading but would like something in keeping with the bike.

I might try and source a similar Sachs Huret FD, I did see a new old stock one on ebay that was still in the original box but it got snapped up pretty quick.
Cannondale, handmade in USA............................................Refined in Surrey, England

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