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Bicycle Mat expensive, Yoga there's an idea
I keep my bike in the hall of my house under the stairs as it's more secure then the shed and far quicker to get on and out to work in the morning, the thing is I have carpet in the hall, it's a light brown colour and shows up the dirt and mud like you wouldn't believe, muddy tyre marks or water drips wouldn't go down well and at the moment I keep some old papers to stand the bike on when I get home.

So I went looking on the net for a rubber mat to put under the bike when I come home in the wet, be easier to roll it out and stand the bike on till it dries out, also be handy when lubing up as no possibility of oil marks or chain grease drops.

I browsed Ebay on the hunt for something, found bike trainer mats but they seem very expensive for what they do, tried numerous searches and nothing really came up, then I thought what purposes would you need a decent size roll out mat and Yoga came into my head, managed to find a cheap big roll out rubber mat on Amazon for £10.

Happy Days
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I like the big door mats, kind of like some shops (at least here in Germany) have on their entrance. We have one in our hallway of the apartment (carpet underneath...) and I cut up one to put under our bikes. I put them onto two shelves, my wife's bike is standing on one and my bike is hangig over the second. They are sturdy, "dirt coloured" so it doesn't show up, and can be cleaned easily (vacuum). They cost about 15 EUR from a local cheap supermarket.
I'm still waiting for my mat to turn up from amazon, like most sites the delivery isn't as quick as the money from your account.

I'm hoping it will be a hose outside and leave to dry in the garden once a week special.

Joe I know the kind of door mats you mean, they seem pretty robust as most shops seem to have them and they cope will with the through flow of feet on them, I'll have to keep my eyes open at the boot sales for one
Cannondale, handmade in USA............................................Refined in Surrey, England

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