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Avid Elixer 1 hydraulic disc rubbing now that I installed new RockShox Recon Fork
I installed a Rock Shox Recon fork on my Kona Mahuna. I currently have Avid Elixer 1 hydraulic disc brakes. I am unable to get the brakes to stop rubbing the rotors. Given the fork upgrade (upgraded from a Suntour), I also installed a new mount.

Here's what I've tried so far:

1. Loosening the calipers and centering the pads on the rotor then retightening the calipers.

2. Loosening the calipers and squeezing the brake levers to the pads grip the rotor, then retightening the calipers.

3. Inserting business cards between the pads and the rotor, squeezing the brakes a few times, then releasing and removing the business cards.

4. Inserting washers between the calipers and mount and the mount and fork.

The mechanics at my LBS, when originally installing the fork, had similar difficulties but eventually got the brakes to stop rubbing. Unfortunately, the mechanic who fixed the brake rub couldn't remember how he fixed it.

Any ideas?
lets some pics of what you have
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