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KMC X 10 Chain - Popped a Quick Link
Yesterday, my KMC X 10 chain, which is fitted to my Giant CRX 1 and has down 2,479 km without trouble, popped its quick connection link yesterday, leaving me with an 8 km walk. There was no warning other than I have had a creak for some time but not sure if that is related to or not. I hadn't resolved this other issue but that is a different story.
Anyway, any thoughts on what might have caused this after so many kilometres? Suggestions on what to watch for to avoid this happening again?
Other relevant comments?
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A broken clock is correct twice a day
Hi Andrew,
Sorry to hear about your misfortune. It sounds too me like it was a defective link... I'm not sure what exact thing could have caused it.

Alex, I have now heard of one other rider with a similar issue with the KMC chain. Maybe they are not a good fit. Anyway will keep an eye on it and see how it goes.
I carry a spare SRAM link now Smile
@Aushiker on Twitter

A broken clock is correct twice a day

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