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Rebuilding freewheel: Is this grease OK?
Hi all, I'm disassembling and cleaning out my old SunTour freewheel, it had got so gummy the ratcheting wasn't happening. Once everything's clean and ready to re-assemble, will it be allright to use the same grease I already have for my motorcycle axles? It's an automotive product called "Industrial Moly EP Grease," " NLGI No. 2 grease containing molybdenum disulfide..." its listed applications include "Automotive Chassis, Wheel Bearings, Universal Joints." I live quite a ways from a bike shop, so it would be very convenient to be able to use this stuff. But of course I don't want to have to do this twice, or have to clean the grease off all the little ball bearings and such... I think I read somewhere that a petroleum-based grease might not be appropriate... opinions? Thanks!


Good stuff - that'll work
(04-25-2013, 11:20 PM)DaveM Wrote:  Good stuff - that'll work

'ppreciate it. Cheers!
Good grease, just don't put too much in and it'll be fine!
make sure the pawls will move freely to engage and disengage with this grease before you totally re-assemble it.

Generally the internals of a freewheel work better with a light oil; but the bearings work better with grease.
allright, i feel a lot more confident. i'll be sparing with the grease and put a little oil on the pawls. thanks everyone!
Did you check with your motorcycle manufacturer if the Moly grease is suitable for bearings? (most modern motorcycles have sealed bearings that are replaced) Moly grease is excellent for sliding surfaces such as clutch splines , used very sparingly. I use it on my 1982 BMW for rear wheel splines and clutch transmission splines. For bearings I use Bel Rey waterproof grease (blue lid) you see it on the race tracks.

I use Honda Moly grease, although there are others and the one you have looks good. It will be good for the freewheel brushed on. On a bicycle most automotive and marine greases are OK due to low loads...I do not like lithium, except for levers and such , but that's me......Use what you got.
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