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Does a large MTN frame with a small head tube exist?
I am trying to find a frame to switch all the components off of a medium sized mountain bike frame onto a larger one, but the fork is cut to fit a 120mm head tube. Is there an affordable 18-19in 26er hardtail MTN bike frame out there that would have a head tube to fit my manitou black elite 120/100 fork? the ones i have been looking at seem to have head tubes around 130-135mm
You'd be very lucky to find one, typically all larger frames have a longer head tube due to keeping the same geometry. Might be better off selling your forks and keeping an eye on eBay for a replacement set with longer steerer.
Frames with semi-integrated headsets generally have shorter head tubes, there are extension things available for steer tubes but i am not sure how they work.

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