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How to choose a bicycle ?
Hello, everybody,

I am new here. My mother language is French but I learn English.

I have no bicycle. But I would like to get one. It is faster thank walking and cleaner than cars. Now I use my feet and the public transports.

How to choose/observe a bicycle when you are in a bicycles shop ? What are the most important points ?

I am interested in bicycle to use it daily in the city. Not for speed race. I often have one or two bags with me (one for laptop), sometimes three when I buy food or books. Possibly I would like to use in even in winter, when it rains, when it snows, in fog.

I think a bicycle is certainly easier to be repared than a car, and the car is heavy (when you have an accident). Another idea is to repare it when it is partially broken. ["You break you repare." not "You break you pay."]

The main idea stays to live without car.

Thank you in advance for your answers.
Create hazard. Create freedom.
The main thing I look for is one that I like, I am still riding a bike I got almost 30 years ago.
Have fun and just enjoy the ride
Try and test ride the bike if the shop(s) will let you, you will quickly realize they can feel completely different from one another. See which ones feel good for you. Oh and haggle for free accessories with the bike Wink
My advice for novices:

1. decide on your maximum budget; tell the shops that you visit that your budget is 2/3 of your actual budget.
2. visit as many bicycle shops as you can that are within a reasonable distance of your residence and place of work.
3. pick the two shops that you feel the most comfortable and trusting of.
4. explain to the people at each shop what you want, and test ride as many bicycles as they suggest might meet your desires.
5. purchase what you like.

* Brand of bicycle is of minor importance.
* the shop is the most important thing for a novice.

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