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Cleaning sandy chains!
Has anyone found a good method to clean/flush sand out of a chain? Living near the beach we see it all too often but I've yet to find a good way to clean it out, anyone got any tips?
The little boxes you can clamp around a chain to wash it without removing it from the bike work fairly well if you need to clean often and don't want to break the chain repeatedly.

This is one, but there's others

If you're near the ocean, it's also a good idea to lube all your "pivot points" like on brakes, derailleurs, etc more often and spray wax your metal parts. Salt air eats bikes dead.
I live in Venice Beach and ride the beach bike path. I get sand on my bike. First of all I keep everything dry and not over lubricated, than after a ride I use a paint brush to clean off the sand. Have not had any failures.

If you let the sand collect and clump up than you got lots of cleaning chores...

I got one of them chain cleaners and lubers still have not used it, one day.
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