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Suggestion for replacement crappy brakes
Hi, I have a Magna bike I got for my daughter. The brake pads are awful and the brake levers are cheap plastic. Any suggestions on affordable replacement parts for those two items?
The brake manufacture is Chitech, and the shifter maufacture is Shimano Non Series.
I didn't realize they were such poor quality, but got the bike off craigslist on impulse, so no return Sad This is the link for the bike.

Will this work for the levers?

Will these work for the brake pads?

Thanks! J
The target link isn't working at the moment.
Levers are normally brake type specific, so does it have cantilever brakes or V-brakes, side pull, or what? The Avid you show is for Linear or V brake type only. You can avoid this issue by getting a lever that works on both. They cost more though, $18.
I like Kool Stop brakes. The pad you show is a specific replacement cartridge, without the pad holder. We need to see your brakes to tell which pad style you need.
I like these pads in cantilever & Linear pull style, but in Salmon color.
Linear Pull style, about $10:
[Image: supra2_index.jpg]
Common Cantilever style:
[Image: eagle2_index.jpg]

If it has cantilevers & you'd like to take the opportunity to change to Linear (V-brake) now would be a good time, you can buy front & rear brake arms with pads for $20 total if you search a bit.
I second the Tektro lever suggestion - I have them on our T50, my SR and my World Tourist - great levers.

And you can't go wrong with the Kool Stop Supra 2 Bicycle Brake Shoes (Threaded, Salmon).
Thanks for the help. I think I have the handlebars figured out. I think it is a V pull linerar brake. Here is the target link again. My picture I took of my brakes is too large to fit in the attachment. And it is for mountian bike tires. Thanks
Yep. Those are V-brakes. Those Avid FR5 levers you liked will work great. Post your picture on Photobucket or the like & link from there. Supra-2 pads should fit, but if it is cramped you may need a slimmer model, I doubt it though.

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