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10 speed 1963 sears and roebuck bicycle
Can any one provide me information on this bicycles Going price. condition is poor to fair.

Free to $5- paid to the person who takes the bike.
Nigel, you getting mean in your old age ! post some pics lets check it out, be sure to post all stickers/emblems. Some of those bikes had good tubing manufacturers. However, a basket case to someone who has to have would be around $50 give or take. get some pics
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I had one of those Sears 10 speeds....the only good thing on it was the Suntour VGT RD. It was made in Austria, and was slightly less stiff than over cooked spaghetti. My dad had one of the Ted Williams models with Reynolds 531 double butted tubes - which was absolute proof that it was possible to make an awful bike with 531......

Wards had a 22" and 24" ten speed models imported for Belgium that were excellent; unfortunately the ones our family had were stolen.

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