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Remove axle troubles specialized
I'm having trouble removing these axles. Who can help me out here?
(04-28-2013, 04:07 PM)Masterbike Wrote:  I'm having trouble removing these axles. Who can help me out here?
Looks like it should come out on the driveside, gently tap the non drive side of axle with a mallet to see if it will move.
Take a look if you can insert an Allen key at ant end of the axle
Thanks for the replies but both options did not work. The axle is completely smooth inside and the axle sits very tight so no possibility to tap it out. Hope someone has another idea.
If it's an old hub it can be a bit tight to move, the bearings are pressed onto the axle. I'm 90% confident it should tap out, sealed bearing hubs all typically work like that.

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