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1995 Diamondback vertex front fork replacement
Hi all, I'm new here and need a little assistance if possible. I've been out of the MTB scene for about ten years now and am trying to get back into it. I used to ride a Cannondale super v900 back in the late 90's and sold it in 2001. Recently I purchased a 1995 diamondback vertex with a bad front fork(manitou x-vert) for cheap$$$. What size fork is needed to get this bike functional and trail worthy again? I'm pretty certain it needs a threaded fork, but what size? (1 1/8)?? The components are all in good working order...... Would it be a waste of money to invest in this as a re-starter bike just to get going until I can afford a better bike?

thanks for any help and advice
As you said you need a replacement fork. Here is a link to get you started....
Call them up and they may be able to help ya out. Wink
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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