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Change chain = change everything ?
Hi Guys

I went to my local bike shop and they told me that if I change the chain or freewheel or then I should also change everything else related to it....Is this true? I have a wobbling freewheel and think it might need replacement...

Also I am having problems with the chain skipping when I am starting out in middle gears....

If the current chain has been on there a long time, it is typical to change the rear gear cluster at the same time. Skipping under load is a sign you need to replace both anyway. It is a lot less common to need to change the front chainrings, but it is sometimes needed if they're very worn. "Everything else" could mean a lot of things. No reason you would change the derailleurs, cables, etc. unless they have some separate issue.

Thanks! The chain is pretty new do you think I should still change it??
If the chain jumps when you put a lot of pressure on the pedals, changing the chain and cogs is probably needed. But you said something about a "wobbling" freewheel. Wobbling won't come just from wear on the teeth and if the freewheel internals are bad, that could be causing the skipping. Sorry, I can't really give you an answer without a lot more info.

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