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Restoring an Older Bicycle
Hello new friends,

I found a vintage Colombia Sports 3 bicycle that someone was getting rid of while visiting my folks the the other day. To me, it looks like it needs a new chain, tubes, brake and gear shift cables, and if the rust bothers me too much; wheels. The frame had a little rust, but nothing too bad, and hey, it's free.

My question is regarding how this thing shifts. I really know very very little about bike repair, and since this is an older bike I know it doesn't use the same type of derailleur that more recent bikes do.

Any tips on making this older bike usable again, and maybe a bit prettier? I like the light oil and steel wool trick I was on this site, I might try that on the wheels and handle bars.
First, welcome Smile . Is there any way to possibly take a couple of pictures of the derailleur, shifter, and bike? Watching the videos pretty much gives a good basic idea. There are plenty of pros here to help out.

Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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